Manage investor accounts from your master account.

Leverage other peoples money and charge performance fees to multiply your income potential.

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Leverage investor money to multiply your income

Use our calculator now to get an indication of how our PAMM software works to your advantage.

Get started from as little as $1,000 Money Manager trading balance.

Calculate Possible Profits
Exit fees are optional. Fees are collected at your defined intervals.
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Estimated monthly profits

Investor capital $100,000
Gross profit $12,500
Entry fee $1,000
Performance fee $2,500

Why we’re preferred by money managers.

Powered by our PAMM which stands for Percentage Asset Management Module. You set the performance fees.

Your investors will experience the same percentage growth as your master account. Cross-currency investor accounts are also supported: USD, EUR, GBP, AUD, CAD, NZD

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Multi-account Trading Management image Multi-account Trading Management image

Key advantages of a PAMM account

You set the performance fees and commission calculations. Set any optional entry and withdrawal fees. Auto financial reports clearly state income generated and fee breakdowns. Keep up to date with new investors joining and withdrawing with notifications.
Web portals for investors and money managers. No trading limitations for money managers. Approved EA Money Managers get complimentary VPS Enable multi-level referral commissions to your affiliates who introduce investors.
Set trading intervals for when fees are collected (daily, weekly, monthly, etc.) Easily promote your strategy on external websites with custom widget embeds. Powered by MetaTrader 5 or MetaTrader 4. All strategies permitted without restriction.
Unlock unlimited potential across 1976 tradeable markets. Stocks | Forex | Metals | Commodities | Cryptos | Indices
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Why we’re preferred by Investors

Investors can allocate full or part of their MetaTrader 4 or MetaTrader 5 balance.

Seamlessly assign an existing MT account balance to your strategy.

Track performance via an advanced visual analytics package (money managers have the ability to restrict components like open position visibility).

Ability to deposit and withdraw on the fly.

Opt-in to receive reports periodically (trading report details can be restricted by Money Managers).

By default Switch Markets has 0% charge on deposit and withdrawals.

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