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Low commission, tight spreads

Forex CFDs

The world’s largest and most liquid financial market, Forex, is accessible 24/5.
With over $6.6 trillion in traded volume daily, the Forex market far surpasses any other exchange-based market.

Low commission, tight spreads

Commodities CFDs

Commodity markets are driven almost exclusively by supply and demand. They are an attractive field for speculators and traders looking for markets susceptible to volatile changes.

Low commission, tight spreads

Indices CFDs

Indices allow you to speculate on the performance of a market or a sector of a market, rather than individual shares.

Low commission, tight spreads

Digital Currencies CFDs

One of the youngest markets available. The price of the world's most popular digital currencies is mainly driven by supply and demand, community sentiment and news.

Low commission, tight spreads

Shares CFDs

Speculate on the performance of some of the world’s most popular companies.
Share CFDs are derived from the underlying asset, the price of the shares of the given company.

Instrument Min. Spread Avg. Spread Min. Trade Size Swap Long Swap Short Margin % Commission Instrument Specifications

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