Low fees for all withdrawals

When you decide to withdraw funds from your trading account, the fees are up to 2%.

  • Fast and hassle-free withdrawals - our customers rate us as excellent
  • Fast withdrawals - The average processing time is 3 days
  • No maximum withdrawal limit - Withdraw as much as you want, whenever you want
  • 50+ Withdrawal Options - Withdraw your funds into your Credit Card, Crypto wallet and more.
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Withdrawals as easy as one-two-three

At Switch Markets we believe all traders are entitled to a hassle-free experience when it comes to withdrawing your funds.
After all, it is your money, you should be able to access it with ease! Withdraw your money easily using one of the many options. Processing usually takes 3-5 business days.

Payment System Fees Currencies Processing Time
visa 2% AUD, CAD, CHF, EUR, GBP, HKD, LBP, NZD, SGD, USD Within our nearest working day
mastercard 2% EUR, GBP, LBP, USD Within our nearest working day
Bank Wire 20 USD AED, AUD, CAD, CHF, DKK, EUR, GBP, HKD, HUF, JPY, LBP, MXN, NZD, PLN, SEK, SGD, THB, TRY, USD, ZAR Within 3-5 business days
Digital Currencies 0.8%* BTC, ETH Within our nearest working day
neteller 2% AUD, CAD, CHF, EUR, GBP, HZD, NZD, SGD, USD Almost instant once processed
skrill 2% AUD, CAD, CHF, EUR, GBP, HZD, NZD, SGD, USD Almost instant once processed
fasapay 0.5% per transaction IDR, USD Almost instant once processed
nganluong 2% VND Almost instant once processed
globepay 2% EUR, GBP, INR, USD Within our nearest working day
perfect money 2% EUR, USD Almost instant once processed
paytrust 0.5% per transaction IDR, VND, THB, MYR Within our nearest working day
union pay 2% CNY Within our nearest working day
Interac 2% CAD Within 1-3 business days

* Minimum Withdrawal: The amount you’re going to withdraw needs to be enough to cover any processing fees. Currency Conversion Fee: Applicable upon conversion to Digital Currencies.

PayTrust88 Deposit Fees: Switch Markets covers all deposit fees on deposits over $1,000 (or base currency equivalent).

Fasapay Deposit Fees: Switch Markets covers all deposit fees on deposits over $1,000 (or base currency equivalent).

Region Restriction: Neteller is not available to EU residents.

Currency Conversion Fees: Applicable to unavailable currencies for Globepayinc, Perfect Money, Nganluong, PayTrust88 & CUP. Neteller charges 3.99% and Skrill charges 2.99% on unavailable currencies. There are no conversion fees for Fasapay

Withdraw your money in your preferred currency

We enable our clients to withdraw or convert their money into 19 account currencies. These include: EUR, GBP, USD, CHF, AUD, SGD, VND, CNY, PLN, IDR.

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Want to withdraw your money?

Withdraw your funds in 4 simple steps...

Login to your Switch Markets account using the link below


Select 'Funds' from the dashboard menu on the left and click 'Withdrawal'.

Choose your preferred method and select the amount you wish to withdraw.

Submit your request and wait for your money to arrive. (payment method should be the same as deposited one)

Your security. Our priority.

Safety and security are on top of our list when it comes to dealing with money. Withdraw your money anytime with a complete peace of mind.

  • Robust security measures to ensure your transactions are secure
  • Switch Markets follows all relevant regulations, requirements and laws
  • Switch Markets is registered with relevant regulatory institutions
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Much more than just a broker

Explore the benefits and extras you can get if you open an account with Switch Markets.

Much more than just a broker

Explore the benefits and extras you can get if you open an account with Switch Markets.

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Deposit & Withdrawal FAQs

Take a look at the most commonly asked questions about our deposits and withdrawals. Still have questions? Contact our 24/5 support team.

How are my funds handled with Switch Markets?

All the funds we receive from our clients are securely held in segregated funds accounts with tier one banks. All is done in accordance with the Rules and Regulations of the jurisdiction the clients chose to open an account with.

Can I deposit funds into my account using someone else’s credit card?

Unfortunately, you can't. The funds must be deposited from an account / credit card in the same name as your Switch Markets trading account. We do not accept third party payments; in such instances, the funding fees apply.

If my partner and I have a joint account, can it be funded by both of us?

In the case of a joint account, we accept funding using one account / credit card pertaining to one or both of the approved parties on the joint trading account.

Are all transfer without fees?

Yes, Switch Markets covers all the fees (on deposits using credit & debit cards and eWallts), but when it comes to bank wires, Switch Markets covers all deposit fees on Westpac, AstroBank and Hellenic Bank wires, plus up to $30 (or equivalent in base currency) of any intermediary fees on all deposits over $500.

Can deposit time ever take longer than stated in Switch Markets deposit terms and conditions?

There might be unforeseen circumstances that might prolong the deposit time from what is stated under each deposit option.

Do I get charged for currency conversion?

Currency conversion may apply to unavailable currecies.

What are ‘unavailable currencies’?

Our payment service providers accept certain currencies, but in some instances, there are currencies they can’t accept without charging you conversion fee. You can find the list of available currencies in the Available Currencies column under each payment method.

Can I ever be charged a transaction fee on deposits Swich Markets supposedly covers?

If a client is deemed to be abusing or inappropriately depositing (e.g. making several deposits without any further trading), Switch Markets then has the right to charge the client any transaction fees incurred with deposits and withdrawals, without providing notice.

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  • Massimo Cozzetti

    "Very honest and easy to work with as a broker. Their customer service is top notch and great spreads!"

  • Sam Dean

    "Got my free VPS with them and works well. Support was helpful when I got stuck setting up my MT4, quick to respond. Only just joined these guys but so far, would tell you to check them out when deciding which broker."

  • Corah Norton

    "Fast execution, best I've found so far.
    Good broker for forex."

  • Ale TradeFX

    "Great broker, amazing customer service, great spreads and great servers!"

  • Andy

    "I so love it. This broker has very tight spreads! Support are very friendly too. They helped me and it was easy to set up. Executions are fast too. I am so happy thank you!"

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